Lyric in Limestone

Lyric in Limestone

Glassball developed and delivered this unique audio arts project based in the Peak District National Park. We also produced a projected four screen video installation, of moving image artworks shown at the Level Centre in Derbyshire. A sound recording engineer was commissioned to collect and record new audio artworks from the chosen sites across the Peak District, as well as record and produce the final CD. We commissioned Mark Gwynne Jones to produce five new lyrical works. This was the first time contemporary music and audio has been created, recorded on location and performed live within the Peak Park.

Physical features within the landscape were used as instruments, responding to locations that possess unique acoustic qualities, creating an unheard voice from the Peak District landscape. The audio pieces where performed live and outdoor at various locations in the Peak Park during the summer of 2011.

The project culminated in August 2011 with a CD recording of the work produced, two public performances, one inside the Peak Cavern, Castleton, and the other at the Level Centre in Rowsley, alongside a photographic exhibition and installation of projected video artworks. Some of the work created during this project has been featured on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction.

Two mixed live recordings made inside Peak Cavern: of Drums being played to the rhythm of the second, and unique, recording from the annual natural event of water entering the cavern after heavy rainfall, culminating in an audio sound that describes the caverns alternative name, 'the Devils Arse'.
Sound recordings: Printz Holman, Drums: John Thorne.

This footage accompanies one of the audio works made during the project Lyric in Limestone. It was filmed and recorded at Bleaklow in the High Peak of Derbyshire, with shots from a B29 crash site. This was a challenging exposed location to make an on site live recording, on the moors near to the crash site, it was important to capture the atmosphere of the place, adding a meaningful sense of place to the recorded track.

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