Skelmersdale: A New Town

Skelmersdale: A New Town
 was a project that created a new photographic collection of social history of the former new town Skelmersdale, Lancashire.

How long does it take for a town to become a community, how many generations of families does it take to create a place?

These questions framed a discussion with the town, people’s experiences of moving to and living in Skelmersdale during the past 50 years. How the town has changed, how communities have emerged or disappeared? We aimed to create an understanding of the town’s life through making a collection of photographs, along with recorded video and audio, creating a visual archive of this former new town.

As a result of this project we created an online archive hosted as the project site and a hardback book called Skelmersdale: A New Town with an introduction written by poet, writer and broadcaster Paul Farley, hear an audio clip of his introduction here:

Please the view the project website at, the published book here, or to purchase a copy of the book here.

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